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1.  Megan and Sarah are trying to raise $788 for people in need. They are asking people to donate $6 each. If they want to reach their goal, how many people will need to donate?

2.  Dylan earns $7.84 per hour working at the mall. This week, Dylan's boss gave him a Christmas bonus. Dylan will be paid $4.32 more per hour during this week. If Dylan works for twenty-six hours, how much money will Dylan receive?

3.  Jordan paid $360 for a gift. Five days after Christmas, he saw the same gift on sale for forty percent off. How much would Jordan had saved if he purchased the gift after Christmas?

4.  Rebecca wants to buy concert tickets for her mom and dad. One ticket to the concert is $38. Rebecca is going to split the cost of the tickets with her three brothers. How much will she have to pay?

5.  Joseph decided to sell cookies to raise money for the needy. Joseph spent $9 at the supermarket for the ingredients. Joseph then sold forty-three cookies at seventy-two cents each. The profit from the cookies was donated to the needy. How much did Joseph donate?

6.  Ashley wants to buy a flat screen television that she first noticed at the mall for $748. She found the same TV on-line for only $699. If she buys the TV in the store, she will have to pay an additional four percent for sales tax. The on-line store will not charge sales tax, but the on-line store will add $54.46 to the purchase for shipping. Is it more expensive to buy at the mall or on-line, and by how much?


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