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1.  Santa flew his sleigh for 2,200 miles. He flew his sleigh 452 mph for the first 2 hours and 432 mph for the rest of his trip. How long did Santa fly at 432 mph?

2.  Christopher and Katherine are two of Santa's elves. Christopher can make a toy in nine hours. Katherine can make the same toy in seven hours. How long would it take Christopher and Katherine if they were to make the toy together?

3.  In eight minutes, Christopher can write out four Christmas cards. Madison can write out fifteen Christmas cards in the same amount of time. If they work together, how long will it take them to write out 209 Christmas cards?

4.  Three of Santa's helpers are a combined height of eleven feet and three inches. William is twelve inches shorter than Timothy, who is nine inches taller than James. How tall is each of Santa's helpers?

5.  Joseph, Brian, and Kyle spent $1,189 to buy their dad a computer. The three of them used their savings to pay for the computer. Brian paid $148 more than Joseph. Joseph paid $399 less than Kyle. How much did Brian pay?

6.  At EdHelper Trees, all of the Christmas trees are seventy percent off. Ryan bought a tree and paid $69. Assuming no tax, what was the original price of the tree that Ryan purchased?


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