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Columbus Day
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1.   Columbus had a hard time convincing anyone to undertake the expense of financing a voyage to an unknown place. Based on the information available from other sailors and partly on his own ideas, Columbus underestimated the circumference of the Earth by twenty-five percent. The circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles at the Equator. What was Columbus' estimate of the Earth's circumference? Round your answer to the nearest mile.

2.   Samuel found a T-shirt with a map of Columbus' voyages on the front and a picture of Columbus on the back. He wanted to buy it to wear on Columbus Day. The T-shirt cost $14.97 plus seven percent sales tax. Samuel gave the clerk a twenty-dollar bill. How much change did he receive?

3.   There was a drawing for a prize at the Columbus Day celebration downtown. The prize was a scale model of the Santa Maria carved from a single piece of wood by a local artist. It was a beautiful ship and William really wanted it. Each $2.25 ticket bought one chance in the drawing. William purchased 20 tickets. If there were 300 tickets purchased in all, what is the probability that one of William's tickets will be drawn first? Express as a fraction in lowest terms.

4.   Columbus sailed in a caravel. Caravels of the size he used displaced approximately 50 long tons. Modern aircraft carriers like the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk displace approximately 80775 long tons. What is the ratio of the displacement of a caravel to the displacement of an aircraft carrier? Write your ratio in lowest terms.

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This is only a sample worksheet.