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Dr. Seuss Theme Unit

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Green Eggs and Ham
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1.   Cody read Green Eggs and Ham to his little sister. She liked the story. She wanted him to read it again. It took him 23 minutes to read the book to her one time. How long will it take him to read it to her two times?

2.   I do not like green eggs and ham in a box or with a fox. There are 28 green eggs in the fox's box. The fox took out 3 green eggs for his breakfast. He took out 6 green eggs to make a cake. How many green eggs are left in the box?

3.   Green eggs are very hard to find. They are very expensive. One green egg costs $3.65! Aaron wants to make scrambled green eggs. He needs three green eggs. How much will three green eggs cost?

4.   I do not like green eggs and ham in the rain or on a train. I wish that Sam-I-Am would go away. He rode the train in the rain for 2 hours and 25 minutes to get to Whoville. If he left at 1:39 p.m., what time did he get to Whoville?

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This is only a sample worksheet.