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Earth Day

1.  Rachel and her three sisters each had three pounds of garbage. Of the garbage, ten pounds could not be recycled. How many pounds of garbage could be recycled?

2.  Jessica's SUV can be driven for seventeen miles on one gallon of gas. Amber drives a hybrid vehicle, which can be driven for fifty-four miles on one gallon of gas. How many more miles can Amber's car be driven on one gallon of gas?

3.  Nicole recycled twenty-seven newspapers, twenty-four cans, and seventeen plastic bags. Anthony recycled eleven newspapers, fifteen cans, and eighteen plastic bags. How many more newspapers did Nicole recycle than the number of newspapers Anthony recycled?

4.  Megan needs to print out a twenty-seven page report. How many pieces of paper can Megan save if she uses both sides of each piece of paper to print the report?

5.  Connor recycled twenty-three cans, thirty-three plastic bottles, and forty-eight newspapers. How many total items did Connor recycle?

6.  If Sarah takes a bath, she will use thirty-nine gallons of water. A shower would only use five gallons of water. How much water could Sarah save by taking a shower instead of a bath?


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