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Earth Day

1.  A town of 25,000 people generates an average of 4.8 pounds of solid waste per person per day. How much solid waste will the town generate in three weeks (round your answer to the nearest ton)?

2.  John took a shower from 6:58 to 7:10 and used sixty gallons of water. Assuming the same rate of water usage, how much water would John have saved if he had taken a quick six-minute shower?

3.  Devin recycled 7 7/8 pounds of newspapers, Jacob recycled 18 3/8 pounds, Hannah recycled 14 1/2 pounds, Alexandra recycled 12 1/8 pounds, and Justin recycled 19 5/8 pounds. How many pounds of newspapers did they recycle altogether?

4.  Kyle planted a tree in March of 2000. The plant is expected to grow 2.88 inches per year. When will the tree be 17.76 inches tall?

5.  Of garbage collected by a municipal, approximately thirty-nine percent is made up of paper products. If the municipal collects 219 tons of garbage, approximately how much was originally paper products?

6.  Of 1,000 tons of glass that was collected, 80 tons were recycled. To the nearest whole percent, what percentage of glass was recycled?


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