Easter Theme Unit
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1.  Christina has four blue eggs, six yellow eggs, eight violet eggs, five red eggs, and seven chocolates. How many eggs does Christina have in all?

2.  Danielle found four violet eggs, five navy eggs, four green eggs, and three red eggs. Elizabeth found six green eggs, six orange eggs, eight violet eggs, and eight red eggs. How many more eggs did Elizabeth find than Danielle?

3.  Destiny found three red and five orange eggs. Her mom told her that there are still ten eggs hidden. How many eggs did Destiny's mom hide?

4.  It took Hannah thirty minutes to find twenty-three eggs. If Hannah started looking for eggs at 11:49 a.m. then what time was it when Hannah found twenty-three eggs?

5.  Inside of Emily's eggs, she found three dimes, four pennies, four quarters, and three nickels. How much did Emily find altogether?

6.  Tyler baked thirty-two chocolates for Easter. He ate eleven of the chocolates and brought the rest to class. How many chocolates did Tyler bring to class?


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