Easter Theme Unit
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1.  David went to the store and bought a bag of jellybeans for $1.73, an Easter basket for $5.04, and a floppy bunny for $8.22. Assuming there is no sales tax, how much change should David receive if David gives the cashier a twenty-dollar bill?

2.  The Easter Bunny can hop one hundred seventy-two times in 1 hour and 26 minutes. How many times can the Easter Bunny hop in 40 minutes?

3.  Caleb started looking for eggs at 9:55 and found them all at 10:31. Matthew started looking for eggs at the same time as Caleb, but Matthew only needed one-third as much time. What time did Matthew find all of his eggs?

4.  Nicholas, Samuel, and Aaron found a total of ninety-four eggs. Nicholas found nine fewer eggs than Samuel. Samuel found twenty-nine more eggs than Aaron. How many eggs did they each find?

5.  Jason's family plans to eat a total of four eggs per day for the next nine days. Jason wants to dye enough eggs. The store only sells eggs by the dozen. How many dozen eggs should Jason buy?

6.  Kyle wants to dye an equal number of eggs orange, yellow, red, purple, pink, and green. If he has forty-two eggs, how many eggs should he dye pink?


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