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Five Senses Theme

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The Five Senses
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1.   Light travels at a speed of approximately 186,000 miles per second. At that rate, how long does it take light to travel two hundred sixty-seven million miles? Round your answer to the nearest minute.

2.   Christian put some objects in a paper bag. Six of the objects are smooth, nine of the objects are soft and fuzzy, and five of the objects are cold and prickly. If Christian draws one object out of the bag with forceps, what is the probability he will draw a smooth object?

3.   The smell from the landfill was terrible. The students in Mr. Davis' class made many phone calls and found out it would cost $534 per ton to clean up. There is an average of 9.1 tons on each acre of the 11.6-acre landfill. How much will it cost to clean up the landfill?

4.   Before compact discs there were audiocassette tapes, and before audiocassette tapes there were flat discs called records. Records played at different speeds, some at 33-1/3 revolutions per minute, others at 45 revolutions per minute, and older ones at 78 revolutions per minute. If a fly sitting on the edge of a 78 rpm record travels 13 inches in one revolution, how far will it travel in seven minutes?

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This is only a sample worksheet.