Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources

Free Learning Workbooks to Stop the Summer Slide!

We provide the free materials.  Can you help your child just 10 minutes a day this summer?

These books are not your average summer skill review activity workbooks.
They engage and challenge kids.  Tested on real kids!

The first free summer workbook is available.  More to come throughout the summer.
Teachers: E-Mail parents this page so they can print engaging workbooks throughout the summer. Or download and print for them. Enjoy!
Summer Learning Workbooks

Why use these summer learning workbooks?
      Summer break is almost here. It's the season of pool parties, beach days, backyard bonfires, and countless hours spent playing outside with friends. But did you know that while our children are actively making memories over the summer, they are also actively losing knowledge gained throughout the school year? Summer learning loss is the loss of academic skills over the course of summer vacation. The average student loses two months of math skills during summer break. They regress in their reading level as well. By the end of sixth grade, students who have experienced summer learning loss consistently are, on average, two years behind their peers in reading abilities. The good news is that summer learning loss is preventable. Our new summer slide books are filled with creative and engaging activities that can keep young minds active in as little as 10-15 minutes per day. That still leaves plenty of time for the pool or the park, but watch out, these grade level appropriate books are so fun, your child may just want to skip the swim session and keep learning!  Did we mention these workbooks are kid approved, engaging, and free?

Summer Learning Workbook #1

Free Summer Activity Workbook      Summer Workbook #1

Get Ready for Kindergarten

Get Ready for First Grade

Get Ready for Second Grade     

Get Ready for Third Grade     

Get Ready for Fourth Grade

Get Ready for Fifth Grade

Get Ready for Sixth Grade

Summer Reading Logs Printables
     Summer Reading Logs Printable     Summer Reading Logs

       Summer Learning Workbook #2 - Practice Math Facts with a Fidget Spinner

Math Facts with Fidget Spinner      Addition Math Facts Workbook, To Sums of 18

Addition Math Facts Workbook, To Sums of 99

Multiplication Math Facts Workbook, To Products of 144

More workbooks will be posted throughout the summer.

       Math Worksheets Activity Workbook - No Prep and Not Boring - New Book Created Each Time

     First Grade Math Book

Second Grade Math Book

Third Grade Math Book

Fourth Grade Math Book

Fifth Grade Math Book

Sixth Grade Math Book