Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
German Analogies

Easy German Analogies
             Mixed German Analogies Printable

Monthly Analogies
     Januar (January) Analogies
     Februar (February) Analogies
     März (March) Analogies
     April (April) Analogies
     Mai (May) Analogies
     Juni (June) Analogies
     Juli (July) Analogies
     September (September) Analogies
     Oktober (October) Analogies
     November (November) Analogies
     Dezember (December) Analogies

Analogies Theme Printables
     Frühling (Spring) Analogies
     Valentinstag (Valentine's Day) Analogies
     Anerkennung für Lehrer (Teacher Appreciation) Analogies
     Earth Day (Earth Day) Analogies
     Grundlegende Dinge: Bank (Basic Things: Bank) Analogies
     Grundlegende Dinge: Gegenstände im Badezimmer (Basic Things: Bathroom Objects) Analogies
     Grundlegende Dinge: Körperteile (Basic Things: Body Parts) Analogies
     Grundlegende Dinge: Geld (Basic Things: Money) Analogies
     Grundlegende Dinge: Tätigkeitswörter (Basic Things: Action Words) Analogies
     Grundlegende Dinge : Flughafen (Basic Things: Airport) Analogies
     Grundlegende Dinge: Tiere (Basic Things: Animals) Analogies
     Grundlegende Dinge: Im Park (Basic Things: At the Park) Analogies
     August Analogien (August Analogies) Analogies
     Regenwald (Rainforest) Analogies
     Memorial Day (Memorial Day) Analogies
     Cinco de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo) Analogies
     Säugetiere (Mammals) Analogies
     Halloween (Halloween) Analogies
     Herbst (Autumn) Analogies
     Winter (Winter) Analogies
     Entdecker (Explorers) Analogies

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