Halloween Worksheets
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1.  Caleb wants to save enough money to buy a costume that costs $35.24. He has saved $14.66 so far. How much more does he need to save to have enough money to buy the costume?

2.  The discount store sold three bags of Halloween candies for ninety-one cents. Kaylee bought nine bags of the candy. How much did she spend?

3.  The candy store in the mall charges $1.63 per pound of candy. Jordan bought three pounds. Aaron bought six pounds. How much more did Aaron pay?

4.  Kayla sold a costume that she made to Abigail for $21. She made the costume after spending $4.12 at the store for the materials. How much money did Kayla make in profit?

5.  Isaac bought a costume for $7.81 and a pumpkin for $1.12. He gave the cashier a twenty-dollar bill. How much change should the cashier give her back (assume no tax)?

6.  Justin bought a costume for $24.98, Anna bought a costume for $18.62, John bought a costume for $28.34, and Stephanie bought a costume for $12.23. How much did all four of them spend in total?


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