Halloween Worksheets
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1.  Amanda gave away sixty-nine pieces of candy on Halloween. She gave three pieces of candy to each child. How many children visited her house?

2.  Ethan bought six jumbo bags of candy to give out at Halloween. Each bag had thirty-two individual pieces of candy bars. On Halloween, eighteen children came to Ethan's house and Ethan gave them each three pieces of candy. How much candy does Ethan have left after Halloween?

3.  A costume that normally sells for $20 is on sale for 20% off. After the deduction is taken, an additional 5% must be paid for sales tax. What is the total cost to buy the costume?

4.  Samuel counted the number of pumpkins at each house he went trick or treating to. He saw that four houses each had two pumpkins, four houses each had seven pumpkins, and four houses each had four pumpkins. How many pumpkins did he see in all?

5.  Andrew ate one-third of a pumpkin pie. Sarah ate one-sixth of the pie. How much pie is left?

6.  How far can a bat travel in nine hours, if it is flying at nineteen miles per hour?


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