Halloween Worksheets
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1.  There are a total of twenty ghosts, witches, and scarecrows at the haunted house. The number of witches is four less than the number of ghosts. The number of scarecrows is two less than the number of witches. How many witches and ghosts are at the haunted house?

2.  How many pounds of candy selling for $2.25 a pound should be added to two pounds of candy selling for $3.75 a pound to create a blend, which will sell for $2.85 a pound?

3.  Anna's farm picked a total of 310 pumpkins. Anna separated the pumpkins into small and large. She sold the small pumpkins for $3 each and the large ones for $9 each. She sold all of the pumpkins for total sales of $1,950. How many small and large pumpkins did Anna originally pick?

4.  Alexis bought fourteen bags of candy at the store for a total price of $41.52. She bought some bags of candy that cost $3.21 each and the rest cost $2.64 each. How many bags of the $3.21 candy did Alexis buy?

5.  Austin, Anthony, and Brittany went trick or treating on Halloween. Altogether, the three of them collected 57 pieces of candy. Anthony collected four more than three times the number of pieces of candy collected by Austin. Brittany collected seven less than the number of pieces of candy collected by Austin. How much candy did Austin collect?

6.  A bat was flying for six hours at an average speed of 8 kilometers per hour. The bat flew at 6 kilometers per hour during the first two hours of its flight. How fast did the bat fly the last 4 hours?


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