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Brandon, Lauren, Kylie, Robert, and Ashley went trick or treating together. They each wore a different costume (a ghost, a pirate, Spiderman, a witch, and a ghost). At the end of the day, each of them counted the number of pieces of candy they collected. They each collected a different amount of candy (63, 77, 83, 54, and 84).

Figure out the costume worn by each person and the amount of candy each person collected.

1.    Brandon was not a pirate.

2.    The boys (Robert and Brandon) costumes included a pirate and Spiderman.

3.    Lauren and Kylie collected a total of 161 pieces of candy.

4.    The ghost collected 77 pieces of candy.

5.    The pirate collected 83 pieces of candy.

6.    Ashley and Lauren collected a total of 140 pieces of candy.

7.    The witch collected the most pieces of candy.