Read and Color Books
June themes

Read and Color Activity Books

             Introduction to June

Candy Day
             A Day in Candyland (June 1)

I Love My Dentist Day
             A Surprise at the Dentist's Office (June 2)

Best Friends Day
             Brittany's Best Friends (June 8)

Take a Kid Fishing Weekend
             What's For Dinner? (June 10)

Eat Your Vegetables Day
             A Message from Your Vegetable Garden (June 17)

Midsummer's Eve
             A Fairy Celebration (June 23)

End of School Theme Unit
End of School Theme Unit theme unit

             End of School Year Glyph

             School's Out - Read and Color

Flag Day
Flag Day theme unit

             Betsy Ross and the American Flag

             Our Country's Flag - Read and Color

             Our Flag

             Flag Day Glyph

     United States Flag

Father's Day
Father's Day theme unit

             Father's Day Glyph

             Just Right for Dad (Grades 3-4)

             A Gift for Dad

             My Daddy

             A History of Father's Day

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