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1.   Joseph bought a candle for his mother. The candle was for Kwanzaa. It was a green candle. The candle cost $1.26. He gave the clerk $2. How much change did Joseph get back?

2.   Five of the children in Mr. Garcia's class celebrate Kwanzaa. Eleven of the children in Mr. Garcia's class celebrate Christmas. Five children celebrate Hanukkah. How many of the children celebrate a holiday?

3.   Benjamin learned to sing "The Seven Days of Kwanzaa." He sang it at our Kwanzaa program. It took him all week to learn it. It has many verses! Benjamin said he studied it ten hours in all. He worked on it three hours on Monday, two hours on Tuesday, one hour on Wednesday, and three hours on Thursday. How many hours did he work on the song on Friday?

4.   Alexandra received seven gifts for Kwanzaa. Her brother also received seven gifts. How many gifts did they receive in all?

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This is only a sample worksheet.