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1.   Justin bought a zawadi (gift) of a basket of fruits and vegetables for his mother. The basket cost $24.48. Gift-wrapping and ribbon cost $3.61. The sales tax was 8.5%. Justin paid for the wrapped basket with a one hundred-dollar bill. What was his change?

2.   Jason made a Kwanzaa flag. He divided the flag into three equal sections. One section was red, one was green, and one was black. When he finished the flag, it measured thirteen and two tenths feet long and four and five tenths feet wide. What were the dimensions of each of the three sections?

3.   Mkeka, or The Mat, is symbolic of African American tradition and history. It represents the foundation for future growth. Our class made forty-four Mats for the library tables from dried cornhusks. We painted African symbols around the edges of the Mats with red, green, and black paint. It took 15.5 ounces of cornhusks to make one Mat. How many ounces of cornhusks did it take to make all the Mats?

4.   On the first day of Kwanzaa Mr. Williams told his class about the First Principle of Kwanzaa, Umoja. Umoja is the Swahili word for unity. Unity is very important to African American families. It is, of course, very important to other families as well. As a way of thinking about unity, Mr. Williams asked his students if any of their grandparents had been married at least 50 years. Three of the students had grandparents who had been married at least 50 years. If there are twenty-seven students in Mr. Thomas' class, what percent of them had grandparents who had been married for at least 50 years? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.

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This is only a sample worksheet.