Read and Color Books
May themes

Read and Color Activity Books

             Introduction to May

National Organizing Week
             I Can't Find It!

No Socks Day
             Sockless Stan's Sweet Feet (May 8)

Visiting Your Relatives Day
             Daddy's Great Idea (May 18)

Weights and Measures Day
             Rebecca Measures Things (May 20)

Penny Day
             A Special Penny (May 23)

What You Think Upon Grows Day
             Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full? (May 31)

Mother's Day
Mother's Day theme unit

             What Is a Mother?

             A History of Mother's Day

             Mother's Day Glyph

Mystery May
Mystery May theme unit

             Mystery May Glyph

             David's Missing Grapes

             The Disappearing Donuts

             Unicorns (Grades 4-6)

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo theme unit

             Cinco de Mayo Read and Color Book #1

             Cinco de Mayo Read and Color Book #2

             Cinco de Mayo

             Cinco de Mayo Glyph

Teacher Appreciation Day
Teacher Appreciation Day theme unit

             What Is Teacher Appreciation Day?

             Teacher Appreciation Day Glyph

Disabilities theme unit

             Jenna Uses a Wheelchair

             Chris Can't Hear

             Disabilities Theme: A Special Dog

             Disabilities Theme Unit Glyph

Memorial Day
Memorial Day theme unit

             A Brief History of Memorial Day

             Memorial Day History Read and Color

             Memorial Day

             The Symbols of Our Country

             Soldiers Glyph

Immigration theme unit

             Coming To America

             The Golden Door: Ellis Island

             Solphie Goes to School in America

             Immigration Glyph

             Immigration Bulletin Board

             An Honoring Wall

             Immigration Game

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