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Mother's Day

1.  Steven's mother is fifty-four years old. Steven's grandmother is eighty-one years old. How old was Steven's grandmother when his mother was born?

2.  Kylie's mother baked thirty-seven cookies yesterday and fourteen cookies today. How many total cookies did she bake?

3.  Hailey's mom was born in 1946. She married Hailey's father in 1972. How old was Hailey's mom when she married Hailey's father?

4.  Hannah spent thirty-five cents to mail a letter to her grandmother and ninety-eight cents to mail one to her great-grandmother. How much did she spend on postage?

5.  Victoria bought her mother sixteen roses for Mother's Day. She dropped two of them on her way home. How many roses did she have left to give her mother?

6.  Jacob's grandmother has 5 children whose ages are 26, 41, 30, 47, and 24. What is the total age of all 5 children?

7.  Victoria's grandmother collects dolls. Her goal is to have seventy-four dolls. She has six from Algeria, sixteen from Egypt, eight from Kenya, and seven from Bulgaria. How many more dolls does she need to reach her goal?

8.  Emma's mother is six years younger than her father. Her father is thirty-nine. How old is Emma's mother?


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