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Mother's Day

1.  Taylor baked seven cookies for her mother each day for a week. How many cookies did she bake in all?

2.  Abigail bought her mother four bracelets for Mother's Day. They each cost $20. How much did she spend?

3.  Grandma likes to quilt blankets. There are forty-nine squares in each row and seventy-one squares in each column of a blanket. How many squares does it take for her to make one quilt?

4.  Mother's Day roses cost $13.44 for a dozen. How much does one rose cost?

5.  Jonathan's mother likes to use rubber stamps to make decorative cards. She has four drawers with twelve stamps in each drawer. She also has another drawer that has twenty-four stamps. How many stamps does she have in all?

6.  David's mother spent $39.24 on six candles. How much did each candle cost?

7.  Daniel went with his mother to visit grandma. Grandma's house is two hundred thirty-four miles from their house. Their car will go eighteen miles on one gallon of gas. If they paid $1.54 per gallon of gas, how much did the gas cost to drive to grandma's house?

8.  Christopher called her grandmother. The call cost five cents per minute. If they talked for fifty minutes, how much money did the call cost?


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