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Mother's Day

1.  Ashley and Robert hope to buy their mother a new set of dishes. The cost of the dishes is $52.77, but Ashley only has $11.64 and Robert only has $15.94. How much money do they still need?

2.  Emma went shopping for Mother's Day gifts. She bought a jewelry box for $7.80, a necklace for $11.72, and perfume for $7.47. How much money did she spend?

3.  Rachel bought a card for her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Each card cost $1.81. How much did Rachel spend on cards?

4.  Rachel's father bought her mother a diamond necklace for $1,103 using a bank check. Rachel's father had $1,500 in his bank account before buying the necklace. How much money does Rachel's father have left in his bank account?

5.  William went shopping to buy his mother a few gifts for Mother's Day. He had $15 to spend. He spent $6.19 on gifts. How much money did he have left?

6.  Alyssa, her three brothers, her mother, and her grandmother are going to a movie. Tickets cost $7.75 for adults and $2.75 for those under 7. Only one of Alyssa's brothers is young enough for the cheaper ticket. How much will it cost for Alyssa's family to see the movie?

7.  Cody and Justin took their mom out for Mother's Day dinner. Cody's dinner cost $5.44, Justin's dinner cost $10.61, and their mom's dinner cost $16.32. How much more was their mom's dinner than Cody's dinner?

8.  Hailey wants to buy her mom a card, which costs $1.83, but she only has four quarters. How much more money does Hailey need to buy the card?


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