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Mother's Day

1.  Madison called her grandmother. The call cost eight cents per minute. If they talked from 3:41 p.m. until 5:01 p.m., how much money did the call cost?

2.  Emma went out to dinner with her mother and family for Mother's Day. They arrived at the restaurant at 7:25. They had to wait for twenty minutes to get a table. The food took twenty-six minutes to cook and they spent 1 hour and 8 minutes eating. What time were they ready to leave the restaurant?

3.  Nicholas and Alexis brought their mom breakfast in bed at 7:17 a.m. It took them fourteen minutes to cook the eggs, four minutes to prepare toast with jelly, and seven minutes to pour her juice and prepare the tray. What time did Nicholas and Alexis start working on their mom's breakfast?

4.  Olivia wants to prepare something before her mother arrives home at 6:14 p.m. If the current time is 3:54 p.m., how much time does Olivia have to prepare something?

5.  Christian built a birdhouse to give to his mom on Mother's Day. He worked on it from 6:37 p.m. till 7:56 p.m. for three days. How much total time did Christian spend building the birdhouse?

6.  John and Makayla surprised their mom by cleaning the house. It took them a half an hour to vacuum, twenty-five minutes to wash the dishes, eighteen minutes to clean the tables, and twenty-one minutes to dust. How much total time did they spend cleaning?


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