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Mother's Day

1.  Joseph bought his mom a basket full of gifts. Joseph spent a total of $28.77. Joseph bought nail polish, lipstick, perfume, and lotion. He put all of the gifts in a basket, which cost $3.01. What was the average cost of each item in the basket?

2.  Rebecca's grandmother is fifty-nine years older than three times Rebecca's age. How old is Rebecca?

3.  Jasmine wants to buy fourteen plants for her mom's garden. The plants cost $4.92 each. Jasmine's allowance is $14 per week. How many weeks must Jasmine save her allowance to have enough money to buy the plants?

4.  Andrew sells Mother's Day cards at his card shop for $1.20. He earns a sixty-seven cents profit on each card he sells. This year, he earned a $300.83 profit. How much was his cost for the cards?

5.  Megan and her mother baked six-dozen cookies. If they gave one-sixth of the cookies to one neighbor and two cookies to another, how many cookies would be left for their family?

6.  Samuel's grandmother is twenty-seven years older than Samuel's mother. The combined ages of his mother and grandmother is ninety-seven years. How old is Samuel's grandmother?


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