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Mother's Day

1.  Devin's grandmother is twenty-eight years older than Devin's mother. The combined ages of his mother and grandmother is one hundred two years. How old is Devin's grandmother?

2.  Abigail bought her mother fifteen roses for Mother's Day. She dropped two of them on her way home. How many roses did she have left to give her mother?

3.  Courtney went shopping to buy her mother a few gifts for Mother's Day. She had $15 to spend. She spent $13 on gifts. How much money did she have left?

4.  Brianna baked eleven cookies for her mother each day for a week. How many cookies did she bake in all?

5.  Julia and Anthony brought their mom breakfast in bed at 8:24 a.m. It took them fourteen minutes to cook the eggs, six minutes to prepare toast with jelly, and nine minutes to pour her juice and prepare the tray. What time did Julia and Anthony start working on their mom's breakfast?

6.  Caleb went shopping for Mother's Day gifts. He bought a necklace for $10.96, perfume for $8.16, and a jewelry box for $10.85. How much money did he spend?

7.  Luis and Brianna surprised their mom by cleaning the house. It took them a half an hour to vacuum, seventeen minutes to clean the tables, thirteen minutes to dust, and sixteen minutes to wash the dishes. How much total time did they spend cleaning?

8.  Jose called her grandmother. The call cost nine cents per minute. If they talked for thirty-eight minutes, how much money did the call cost?


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