Sample Mother's Day Math Word Problems Worksheet
Mother's Day Theme

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Mother's Day
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1.   Rachel asked her mother what she wanted for Mother's Day. Her mother said, "I would like 4.5 times as many flowers as you are old." Rachel is ten years and two months old. How many flowers does her mother want? Round your answer so that Rachel does not have to give his mom only a part of a flower!

2.   James is going with his mother and father to visit his grandmother on Mother's Day. She lives in a little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It is three hundred sixty-eight miles from where James and his family live. If they travel at an average speed of fifty-five miles per hour, how long will it take them to drive to his grandmother's house?

3.   On top of the hill at the edge of Ivydale, there was a garden with beautiful daffodils, roses, lilies, irises, and poppies. No one lived near the garden. No one was ever seen tending the flowers. Some say the garden belonged to the flower fairies. No one really knows who takes care of it, but everyone knows that the flowers grow in a perfect ratio of six daffodils to four roses to five lilies, to three irises to five poppies. Sierra climbed the hill to the garden to pick some of the flowers for Mother's Day. She found one hundred eight daffodils growing there. How many irises were in the garden?

4.   It rained all day on Mother's Day and the temperature dropped sixteen and nine tenths degrees. The next day the rain stopped and the temperature rose twelve and eight tenths degrees. If the temperature at the beginning of Mother's Day was sixty-five and six tenths degrees, what was the temperature at the end of the day after Mother's Day?

5.   Danielle found a recipe for a Mothering Cake in an old book at the library. In England during the 1600s, servants often made a Mothering Cake when they were allowed to visit their mothers on Mothering Sunday. The recipe for one small cake calls for one and a half cups of sugar. Danielle would like to make three cakes for Mother's Day. How many cups of sugar will she need to make all of the cakes?

6.   Joseph designed a game for his club's Mother's Day party. Joseph put paper flowers in a basket. There were eight pink flowers, fifteen blue flowers, seven yellow flowers, three white flowers, and six purple flowers. Each mother will draw one flower when she comes in the door. The mothers who draw purple flowers will receive a special prize. If the first mother to arrive draws one flower from the basket without looking, what is the probability she will draw a purple flower? Express your answer as a percent and round your answer to the nearest percent.


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