Read and Color Books
November themes

Read and Color Activity Books

             Introduction to November

National Sandwich Day
             The Great Sandwich Swap (November 3)

National Candy Day
             Jack's Delicious Rocks (November 4)

Veteran's Day
             Someone to Thank (November 11)

National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day
             Something is Fishy about this Pizza! (November 12)

             Different Kinds of Smoke (November 20)

World Hello Day
             Hello around the World (November 21)

Electronic Greetings Day
             Grandma Forgot My Birthday! (November 29)

Thanksgiving theme unit

             T Is for Thanksgiving (Grades 4-6)

             Thanksgiving - The First Thanksgiving

             Thanksgiving - We Love Thanksgiving

             Mini Book - Turkeys

             Ten Thanksgiving Turkeys

Native Americans
Native Americans theme unit

             The Yakama Indian Tribes

             Frontier Children: Native Americans


             What's Behind the Mask? (Grades 5-7)

             Totem Poles (Grades 5-8)

             Mysterious Cities (Grades 4-6)

Veterans Day
Veterans Day theme unit

             Someone to Thank

Tobacco theme unit

             Breathe Easy, Don't Smoke

             Different Kinds of Smoke

Birds theme unit

             Birds Glyph


             Evan the Emu

             Charlie P. Chicken

             Balto the Bald Eagle

             The Roadrunner: Designed for the Desert

             The Northern Spotted Owl

             The Hummingbird That Lost Its Hum (Grades 3-5)

             Is It a Raven or a Crow? (Grades 3-5)

             Emperor Penguins (Grades 4-5)

             Amazing Arctic Birds (Grades 4-5)

             Amazing Owls (Grades 4-5)

             Owls (Grades 4-5)

             Extinct Birds (Grades 5-6)

             Birds in Danger (Grades 6-8)

Pilgrims theme unit

             The Pilgrim Fathers

             Coming To America

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