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Use the menu from Best Burgers to complete.

Best Burgers
Item   Calories   Total Fat   Carbohydrates   Protein   
Small Curly Fries    312    16g    40g    2g    
Large Curly Fries    611    31g    81g    2g    
Seasoned Fries    373    21g    41g    5g    
Small Fries    270    14g    34g    2g    
Large Fries    603    31g    76g    5g    
Junior Hamburger    298    10g    36g    16g    
Junior Cheeseburger    364    16g    36g    19g    
Item   Calories   Total Fat   Carbohydrates   Protein   
Hamburger    285    9g    37g    14g    
Cheeseburger    351    15g    36g    18g    
Big Burger    757    49g    53g    26g    
Bacon Cheeseburger    436    24g    28g    27g    
Double Cheeseburger    618    38g    29g    40g    
Bacon Double Cheeseburger    657    41g    30g    42g    

1.  Cameron ate two orders of large curly fries, one bacon cheeseburger, and one hamburger. How much total protein did Cameron consume?

2.  Kayla ate two orders of large fries and one double cheeseburger. How much total fat did Kayla consume?

3.  Sydney ate two junior hamburgers. How much total carbohydrates did Sydney consume?

4.  Amber and her family bought two orders of large fries, four junior hamburgers, and three double cheeseburgers. How many total calories were in all of the items they purchased?

5.  Matthew ate one order of large fries and two cheeseburgers. Olivia ate one order of large curly fries and two bacon double cheeseburgers. How much more grams of carbohydrates did Matthew consume?

6.  Emily ate one order of large fries and two double cheeseburgers. How many total grams of protein and fat did Emily consume altogether?

7.  Eric and his family bought four orders of small curly fries, two junior hamburgers, and three hamburgers. How much total fat were in all of the items they purchased?

8.  Kaitlyn ate two orders of large fries and one junior cheeseburger. Jordan ate one double cheeseburger. How many more calories did Kaitlyn consume?


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