Read and Color Books
October themes

Read and Color Activity Books

             Introduction to October


Vegetarianism Awareness Month
             Where Are the Burgers?

Dessert Month
             Sweet Dreams, Michael

Dinosaur Month
             Dinosaurs Came in Many Shapes!

             A Perfect Pumpkin

Farm Animal Day
             A Tale of Tails (October 2)

Bathtub Day
             Battle of the Bubbles (October 7)

Friday the 13th
             A Lucky Charm for Brittany (October 13)

World Rainforest Week
             A Rainforest Mystery (October 18)

Eat Pasta Day
             Everyone Loves Spaghetti! (October 19)

National Nut Day
             What Kind of Nut Are You? (October 22)

Halloween theme unit

             Trick of the Clown Witch (Grades 1-2)

             Hooray for Halloween! (Grades 3-4)

             Escape from the Vampire (Grades 4-6)

             Ogres (Grades 3-5)

             Werewolves (Grades 4-6)

             Vampires (Grades 5-6)

             Famous Cemeteries Around the World (Grades 6-8)

             Famous Cemeteries in the U.S. (Grades 6-8)

             H Is for Halloween (Grades 3-6)

             Yellow Eyes - Read and Color Story

             Trick of the Clown Witch - Read and Color Story

             A Perfect Pumpkin

             From Pumpkin to Jack-O-Lantern

             Haleys Halloween - Hidden Puzzle

             Jack-O'-Lantern Jumble - Hidden Puzzle

             Finish Frankenstein Game


             Ghostly Grab Bags

             Halloween Glyph

Pumpkins theme unit

             A Perfect Pumpkin

             From Pumpkin to Jack-O-Lantern

             Pumpkins Mini Book

             Scarecrows Mini Book

             How a Pumpkin Grows

             Counting Pumpkins

             Pete's Pumpkin Seed

             Pumpkins Glyph

             Pumpkins (Grades 5-6)

             Pumpkin Patch Pick Card Game

Explorers theme unit

             Explorers Glyph

Columbus Day
Columbus Day theme unit

             Columbus Day Coloring Book

             Columbus Day Glyph

Squirrels theme unit

             Squirrels (Grades 4-5)

             The Fantastic Flying Squirrel

             Sylvia Squirrel's Rainy Day


             The Yummiest Nut

             Chipmunk Makes a Home

             Squirrels Glyph

Dinosaurs theme unit

             Dinosaurs Came in Many Shapes! (October)

             Dinosaurs (mini book)

             Let's Go Digging For Dinosaurs! (Grades 2-3)

             Fossils From Bone Cabin Quarry, 1898 (Grades 5-7)

             Wild and Wacky Dinosaur Facts (Grades 5-6)

             Dinosaurs Glyph

             Cretaceous Dinosaurs Coloring Book

             Triassic Dinosaurs Coloring Book

Fire Safety
Fire Safety theme unit

             Life at the Firehouse (Grades 2-3)

             Meet Match the Fire Dog (Grades 3-4)

             The Smoke Detector Saved Me! (Grades 3-4)

             Fire Safety Glyph

Values and Manners
Values and Manners theme unit

             A Friendship Song

             Amy's Lies: Listening to Your Conscience

             Please, Louise! (Grades 2-3)

             John's Gross-out Mealtime Manners (Grades 3-4)

             How to Lose Friends and Annoy People (Grades 4-6)

             Values and Manners Glyph

Graphs theme unit

             Graphs Glyph

Netiquette and Internet Safety
Netiquette and Internet Safety theme unit

             Netiquette and Internet Safety Glyph

             Computer Glyph

Spiders theme unit

             Spiders Glyph

Bats theme unit

             Bats Glyph

             Ten Fascinating Facts About Bats (Grades 4-5)

     AR is for Arkansas (Grade 4-6)

Bullying theme unit

             Kyle, the Class Clown (Grades 2-3)

             Bullying Glyph

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