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1.   Christopher Columbus discovered the new world after departing from Spain on August 3, 1492. His first landfall was seventy days after leaving Spain. The Pilgrims came to America in 1620. Their voyage took sixty-six days from England to Plimouth, Massachusetts. How many years passed between Christopher Columbus' voyage and the crossing of the Mayflower to America?

2.   Mr. Alden is tending his garden in Plimouth. Looking over the tall stalks of corn, he decides they will be ready to harvest in about a week. The garden has four rows of corn. Each row has fourteen stalks of corn. If each stalk has six ears of corn, how many ears of corn will he harvest?

3.   Mary is sewing a new dress with fabric she brought from England. The side seam has thirteen stitches per inch. If the seam is three feet long, how many stitches will Mary make in the seam?

4.   Mrs. Brewster was making porridge for breakfast. She needs one-fourth of a cup of water per serving. If she is making eight servings, how much water will she need?

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This is only a sample worksheet.