Read and Color Books
General Read and Color Books
Grades K to 2

Read and Color Books: Grades K-2

Almost Autumn


Babies with a 'B'

Baking Bread


Beaver Gets a Letter

A Big Boy

Billy the Bully

Black (a rebus)

Buzzy Bee and the Sweet Honey Tree

A Cake for Jake

Carla Cow

Cat Sat and Ate

Caterpillar's Story

The Cheerful Chicken

Cheers for the Champions

Chet's Children


Clap Your Hands

Consonant P Tongue Twister

Counting Bats

The County Fair

Dad's Dog


Digging for Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Bones

The Disappearing Donuts

Double Dog Dare


Easter Eggs


Eleven Large Llamas

Farm Fresh Food

Farmer Fuller's Fig Farm

Farmer Jim

Felipe Goes to the Fair

First Steps

Five Fearful Frogs

Five Giggling Ghosts

Flossie's Swan Song

The Flying Frog

Freddy's First Day of School

Frog in a Pond

Fuzzy Zippers

Gabby's Big Egg

Gino Giraffe

Go Camping

Going to the Beach


Goose on the Loose

A Grasshopper Grows

The Hailstorm

Hal's Happy Hippos


A Handful of Violets

Helen Hippo's Hat

Helping Hands

Henry's Hiccups

Honey the Hobby Horse

How Much is Zero?

I am a Star!

I Need a Nickel

Ice Everywhere

Icicle Island

Irwin Visits the Circus

It Was Nothing

Jack the Javelina

Judy Jellyfish


Kaylee Bakes a Cake

Kelly Kangaroo Goes to Kansas

Kelly's Kitchen

The King of Kangaroos

Kit Kat


Lake Day

Larry Loses a Tooth

Larry the Lady Lobster

Leaping Lizards

Leave Five of Everything

Liam the Little Leprechaun

The Little Insect

The Little Kitten

A Long Hike

Looking at Books

Luke's First Ride on the School Bus


Mad Molly

The Mean Queen

Mike's Wish







Mom's Birthday

Mud Pies and Fireflies

Muffin and the Flapjack

My Daddy is a Fireman

My Grandparents

My Own Library Card

Nigel and the Nest

Nine Neat Numbers

No One Noticed

Olivia Finds a Glass Float

A Pack of Peanuts

Paul the Pizza Eater

Planting Seeds

Poor Peter

Poppy's Petunias

Purple Everywhere

A Puzzling Day

The Quail Has Quite a Family

Rat Saw a Hat

Robin and Rodney Red Breast

Sid the Whiz Kid

Sing! Sing! Sing!

Six Silly Sheep

Six Silly Snakes

Snowflakes and Wedding Cakes

Some Dinosaurs

Stan Can

Stay Away!

Summer Days

Sundays are the Best!

Ten Men

Terrible Tim

The Terror of Tinkerton

Thanks for That!

That Cat!

That Was That

The Third Thing

Thirteen Things

The Three Paths

The Thrifty Tailor

Timmy the Turkey

Tiny Toys

Tom and His Pet

Trick or Treat

Two Nice Mice

Vera's Letter

Wanda Wouldn't Wash Her Hands

Weekends at Dad's

Wes the Whale

What is Summer?

What is true

What is Winter

Where is Mikey?

Where is White?

Who's the Best?


Yancy Yak from Yakima


Yolanda's Yellow

Zippy Fizz

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