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Valentine's Day
The Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

The Valentine Scavenger Hunt
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 5 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.81

     challenging words:    chagrin, hapless, loveseat, richmond, photography, ornate, flirt, luxurious, mantle, relish, originally, competitive, effervescent, celebration, pose, involuntary
     content words:    Greer Youth, Halston Reid, Armani Reid, Tae Kwon Do Megan, Greer Youth Club, Hathaway Bed, Breakfast Inn, Claire Turner, Then Mr

The Valentine Scavenger Hunt
By Brenda B. Covert

1     Members of the Greer Youth Club stood in awe of the luxurious Hathaway Bed & Breakfast Inn. Originally a private home, it was a Victorian-style house complete with ornate gingerbread trim. The club's leader, Mrs. Richmond, had concocted an unusual Valentine's Day celebration for the club with Bob and Claire Turner, the inn's owners.
2     "The Turners have hidden clues throughout the inn," Mrs. Richmond explained. "You will split up into teams of three and follow the clues to the prize. After that, we'll enjoy a buffet in the dining room." She waved strips of paper in the air. "Choose your teams! I'll pass out these clues, and Mr. Turner will signal the start of the hunt!"
3     Halston Reid left his twin sister, Armani, to team up with Cameron and Jake. Armani tossed her head and joined Baylee and Megan. The other students quickly formed teams as well.
4     "Let's show those guys how it's done," Armani said, shooting a challenging look at her brother.
5     The boys guffawed. Jake responded with his own challenge. Mrs. Richmond handed out the clues. Megan took a picture of the teams. Cameron said that he hoped that the house was haunted. Then Mr. Turner laid down a few rules, such as no removing clues and no entering the guests' bedrooms. To signal the start of the race, he popped a red balloon. The teams dashed off in all directions.
6     "Where are we going?" Megan yelled as her short legs labored to keep up with her teammates.
7     Armani led them to the dining room. By the sound of the pounding footsteps, other teams had darted upstairs. The boys had run for the living room.
8     "Ooh, red tablecloths and roses," Baylee said as they hurried past tables set for dinner.
9     "Look for a heart," Armani ordered. "The clue was, 'don't eat your heart out'." Armani felt sure that the word "eat" was a clue pointing the way to the dining room, and she was correct. Megan found a lacy heart-shaped box of chocolates. It felt so light that she just had to open it. Inside, instead of candy, she found the next clue. All three girls clustered around.

Paragraphs 10 to 23:
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Valentine's Day
             Valentine's Day

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