Sample Friendship and Thanksgiving Worksheet
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Friendship and Thanksgiving   

1     The Pilgrims met their first Native American in the spring of 1621 when Samoset walked into their village and spoke to them in English. He said, "Welcome, Englishmen!" The Pilgrims were surprised to meet an "Indian" who spoke English.
2     Samoset had learned some English from English fishermen and trappers he had met along the coast of Maine. A few days later, he brought other Native Americans to meet the English colonists. One of them was Squanto. Squanto had been taken as a slave by an English explorer in the year 1614. Squanto had spent several years in Europe. As a result, he spoke English quite well.
3     Squanto was a Patuxet, and Samoset was an Abenaki. Squanto and Samoset learned about the troubles the Pilgrims had. They had very little food. Almost half of the Pilgrims had died during the winter. They needed help. Squanto decided to stay with them.

Paragraphs 4 to 6:
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