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Father's Day
Celebrating Father's Day Forever

Father's Day
Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day Forever
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 4 to 5
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   3.64

     challenging words:    LeMay, legacy, tribute, orderly, memorial, numb, uncomfortable, attend, slacks, scrap, confidence, however, grave, such, lived, this
     content words:    So I'll, David R.

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Celebrating Father's Day Forever
By Beth Beutler

1     This was not going to be an easy day. My best friend's father had passed away on Thursday after a long illness. Elizabeth really needed me to attend the funeral with her, but I've never been to a memorial service before. I felt very uncomfortable as I put on a freshly pressed, white collared shirt and dress slacks. I wondered, "Do I really have to go to this?" As I thought back over the last couple of days, the answer came to me.
2     My friend lived down the street from me. Our families had got together sometimes to cook out. I always enjoyed playing at her house. Her dad had always been friendly and kind. He always asked, "How're you doing?" and really listened to the answer. He had a shed in the back that was his workshop. He'd let us come out there with him and build with scrap wood. His workshop was very neat and orderly. I helped him build a bird feeder once. He fed lots of birds in their backyard.
3     Elizabeth's dad also had a bus license. For many years, he drove buses loaded with kids on field trips and to sports events. After he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition, he decided it would be best not to drive a vehicle full of children. He always had a kind word and hug for us.
4     His heart eventually failed, and he passed away quietly in his sleep Thursday night. Elizabeth knew her dad's condition was serious, but it was still very hard because just that morning he had been packing for a family camping trip. He never really let people see how weak he was getting.
5     She came over my house Friday morning, and we went into the backyard. She said, "I feel numb. There's so much going on at my house that I wanted to run away." Then she started to cry.
6     I sat there fidgeting. What do you say to someone when something like this happens? I just let Elizabeth talk.
7     "Why did he have to die? He was such a great dad!"
8     "I don't know," I replied while I slipped my arm around her shoulder.
9     Elizabeth sniffed. "Father's Day is next week, on top of everything. This will be terrible! I'll never be able to celebrate it again."

Paragraphs 10 to 17:
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Father's Day
             Father's Day

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