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Are You Eating My Wheat?
By Shannon Jackson

1     When was the last time you ate a sandwich? How about a piece of toast? Any kind of bread? How about a cookie? A piece of cake? Anything with flour? Did you know you are eating wheat when you eat those things? Do you know where wheat comes from? Farmers grow wheat in many parts of the United States.
2     My family raises wheat crops in central Idaho. Our winter wheat is planted in the fall, sometime around October. Before we can plant, we need to be sure there is enough moisture in the ground, because we are dry-land farmers. That means we don't use big sprinklers to water our crops. We rely on Mother Nature.
3     Our farming is done using no-till methods. That means we don't plow or cultivate the ground. Instead, we spray the ground to kill all the weeds and volunteer grain from last year's crop, burn the stubble, and plant the seeds in the ground. Fertilizer is placed in the ground with the seeds. We like using no-till methods, because it causes less erosion and doesn't need as much tractor time.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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