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What Is LD?


What Is LD?
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     challenging words:    inclusion, assistive, best, provides, high-tech, writing, successful, provided, identify, testing, education, technology, assume, individual, reading, capable
     content words:    Learning Disability, Learning Disability Identified, Learning Disabilities Program

What Is LD?
By Sharon Fabian

1     What Is a Learning Disability?
2     It's no wonder that people are confused by this question. Learning disabilities are not as easy to explain as allergies or a broken arm.
3     If you have allergies, you sneeze and have a stuffy head. Maybe you take shots or medicine to cure the problem. If you have a broken arm, everyone knows because they see the cast on your arm.
4     Learning disabilities aren't so obvious. A person with a learning disability looks just like a person without a learning disability. The problem usually shows up in the classroom or when the student is working on his homework.
5     In the classroom, a student with a learning disability might need longer to finish his work. His work might not look neat. He might have trouble reading or understanding directions. Maybe he has trouble spelling, keeping his papers organized, or paying attention.
6     Some students with a learning disability have all of these problems. Some have only one or two. Some students have a learning disability only in reading, writing, or math.
7     Having a learning disability does not mean that someone is less intelligent than the average student. Students with learning disabilities are bright and capable.
8     How Is a Learning Disability Identified?
9     Since learning disabilities involve problems like reading and thinking, you might assume that a high-tech brain test is used to identify a learning disability. If so, you would be surprised to learn that it is nothing like that. Testing for a learning disability is done right at school. Usually, a school psychologist, teachers, and parents work together as a team to decide if a student's difficulties in school are caused by a learning disability. They will look at what he is capable of learning. Then they will look at what he has actually learned so far. They look at things like test scores and grades.

Paragraphs 10 to 17:
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