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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 4 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   7.98

     challenging words:    administer, antishock, assessment, certification, childbirth, decontaminate, defibrillators, dispatches, drug-abuse, endotracheal, intermediate, intubations, parkway, providers, quick-thinking, stabilize
     content words:    Mary Ellen

By Jennifer Kenny

1     Alexis and her daughter were driving on the parkway. Suddenly, the car behind them crashed into their car. Alexis was knocked unconscious. Another driver dialed 911 for help. Who were the first medical responders to the scene? Paramedics were.
2     Timothy's grandfather suddenly started having severe chest pains. Timothy called 911 because he was afraid his grandfather was having a heart attack. Who came to assess the situation and decided to rush him to the hospital? Paramedics did.
3     Mary Ellen was playing in a soccer game. In an attempt to capture the ball for her team, Mary Ellen took a big fall. She heard a loud crack in her leg, felt a lot of pain, and could not move her leg. The coach called for help. Who came to transport her to the hospital so her leg could be set? Paramedics did.
4     Paramedics are the major medical providers in emergency situations before reaching the hospital. They provide sophisticated medical care. They use special, complicated medical equipment. They are able to administer medicine by mouth or IV.
5     Paramedics are emergency medical personnel. They are often the first medical people at the scenes of certain situations. These situations include car accidents, heart attacks, serious injuries, or sudden illnesses. Other situations may include poisoning, childbirth, and gunshot wounds.
6     There are different levels of emergency medical personnel. A paramedic is the highest level. A first level EMT (emergency medical technician) has the most basic level of training. They have done around 100 hours of classroom work, 10 hours in the emergency room, and 20 to 50 hours of ambulance work. Many firemen and policemen have this training and are often called first responders. They can assist a heart attack victim, treat shock, stabilize blood pressure, and bandage wounds in an emergency situation.
7     The intermediate level EMT completes all of the training of the basic level plus an additional 35 to 55 hours. This includes assessment training, anti-shock training, and IV and airway training. They also learn to use defibrillators. They are qualified to do work in between that of the basic level and that of the paramedics.
8     True paramedics have the most extensive training. They complete all of the previous levels of training plus an additional 750 to 2,000 hours. They learn to do EKGs, to do endotracheal intubations, and to administer drugs. Certification is required, but different states have different requirements. Of course, experience is the best training.

Paragraphs 9 to 18:
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