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Pulse Oximeter

Medical Tools
Medical Tools

Pulse Oximeter
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 4 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.65

     challenging words:    absorption, earlobe, infrared, noninvasive, oximeter, striper, pneumonia, excessive, acceptable, medication, hemoglobin, cases, respiratory, medical, cardiac, unit
     content words:    Then Grandma

Pulse Oximeter
By Jennifer Kenny

1     Molly wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. She enjoyed learning about science, medicine, and people. She took every opportunity to learn something new. That included asking lots of questions every chance she got.
2     One afternoon, Molly came home from school and found out her grandmother was in the hospital. Grandma's cough was really bad. The doctor had diagnosed her with pneumonia and felt the best place for her would be at the hospital. There she would be well supervised and get the best medication possible.
3     Molly and her mother headed to the hospital to visit Grandma. They parked their car and entered the building. They received two visitors' passes from the candy striper who sat at the main desk. They caught the elevator and took it to the third floor.
4     After getting off the elevator, Mom asked the first person she saw, "Can you tell me where room 312 is?"
5     "Certainly," the woman said. "It's this way. It's right around the corner."
6     Molly and her mother followed the kind woman's instructions and found Grandma's room. Mom peeked in the room first. She turned to Molly and said, "Let's be quiet. Grandma's sleeping."
7     Molly looked in and tears began to roll down her face. "Will she be OK?"
8     "Yes," Mom said. "The doctor promised to make sure of that. Please don't cry."

Paragraphs 9 to 24:
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