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Brian's Ear Tubes

Miscellaneous Health Topics
Miscellaneous Health Topics

Brian's Ear Tubes
Print Brian's Ear Tubes Reading Comprehension with Third Grade Work

Print Brian's Ear Tubes Reading Comprehension with Fourth Grade Work

Print Brian's Ear Tubes Reading Comprehension

Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 3 to 4
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   3.83

     challenging words:    adorable, anesthesia, barnes, bilateral, Fein, fussy, myringotomy, otitis, recovery, siegel, specialist, suctioned, ventilate, normally, entire, clearly
     content words:    United States

Brian's Ear Tubes
By Jennifer Kenny

1     Cassie had an adorable little brother named Brian. He was almost two years old. Normally, Brian was playful and happy. Today, however, he was not happy. In fact, he was miserable. He was fussy, had a fever, couldn't sleep, and was frantically pulling on his right ear.
2     "Here we go again," Mom said. "We're taking him to the doctor. I'm sure it's an ear infection again!" Almost all children suffer from a middle ear infection at some point. In fact, most children have suffered from one before the age of four. Middle ear infections, or otitis media, are very common in those from six months to two years old. Usually, they are very easy to treat. In Brian's case, though, it wasn't as simple as that. He suffered from repeated ear infections.
3     At the office, the pediatrician examined Brian. "Mrs. Barnes," Dr. Siegel said. "You were right. Brian has a middle ear infection again. He's had far too many of them, and the fluid is not clearing up. It's time I sent you to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. I'm going to recommend ear tube surgery for him. This special doctor will conduct a more substantial hearing test because I am concerned about his hearing and speech, too."
4     "That's awful!" Cassie yelled.
5     Dr. Siegel responded, "It's a more common problem than you would think. Two million of these tubes are put in children each year in the United States."
6     "Why?" Cassie asked. "I've had an ear infection but didn't need surgery."
7     "That's right," Dr. Siegel said. "Antibiotics worked for you. In your brother's case, his infections are becoming chronic. Not only does that make him feel sick, but it can cause hearing loss."
8     "Why?" Cassie asked.

Paragraphs 9 to 23:
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