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A Visit to the Dentist
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Kerry was on her way to the dentist's office with her mother. At her last check up the dentist found a cavity in one of her molars. During the drive, Kerry was very quiet.
2     As they arrived and parked the car, Kerry asked, "Mom, why do they have to fix my cavity? It doesn't hurt."
3     "A cavity is a hole in your tooth, if it doesn't get filled it will hurt," answered Mom. "Come on, let's go in."
4     Kerry and her mom went into the building where the dentist had her office. They were greeted at the front desk then sat down in the waiting room. Soon, a woman came to get Kerry.
5     "Hi, Kerry, I'm Jean, I'll be helping Dr. Hicks fill your cavity today," said the woman.
6     Jean and Kerry walked down the hall to the exam room. Inside was a large chair with a mirror over it. Kerry sat down and tried to get comfortable.
7     "Are you O.K.?" asked Jean.
8     "Yes, just a little scared," said Kerry.
9     "It will be fine, Kerry," said Jean. "Dr. Hicks is a very good dentist."
10     Just then Dr. Hicks came into the room. She greeted Kerry and Jean then looked over Kerry's chart. When she was ready, she sat down next to Kerry.
11     "Kerry, you have a cavity in one of your molars," said Dr. Hicks.
12     "I know," said Kerry. "Why does it have to be filled if it doesn't hurt?"
13     "It may not hurt today, Kerry, because it is only a small cavity. If we fill it now it won't get any bigger. If we leave it alone, it will grow and could cause bigger problems. It could get infected. It's best to take care of it while it is small, then it won't cause more trouble for you," said Dr. Hicks.

Paragraphs 14 to 33:
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