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I'm Your Tooth
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Hi, I'm your tooth. Can we talk? I've been asked to represent the rest of your teeth. We are feeling a bit neglected, and we need your help. We like to be clean when you show us off with that big, wide smile of yours.
2     First, let me tell you a little about us. You weren't born with our predecessors, the baby teeth. They started to erupt in your mouth when you were about six or seven months old. Then, pop, there they were - all ready to chew. You went from strained peas to real food in no time, thanks to your twenty primary teeth. Eventually, they loosened and fell out, one at a time, probably starting about the time you were six or seven years old. Do you remember the tooth fairy? That was fun waking up to a quarter, fifty cents, or even a dollar under your pillow. Ah, the good old days!
3     Then we came into your life. We are your permanent teeth, all twenty-eight of us. Some people may even have thirty-two depending on those wisdom teeth in the back. Sometimes they come in, and sometimes they cause trouble; you just never know with them. Many times wisdom teeth come in crooked or are sideways and have to be taken out. Some people don't even have them at all!
4     On a more personal note, I am an incisor, and you have seven more just like me in the front of your mouth. We do the biting on those chocolate chip cookies you like so much. Next to us are the canines, four sharp teeth, two on either side. Their job is to tear food; pizza is a good one for them. Behind them are eight premolars and eight to twelve molars, depending on those wisdom teeth. The molars do the majority of the work chewing and grinding up the food that you eat. They do a great job on those crunchy carrots you like so much!
5     Did you know we not only help you bite and chew but we also help you to talk? That's right. Try to say "tooth" without letting your tongue touch the back of your teeth. It sounds pretty funny doesn't it? Now try saying "factor." Notice how your teeth touch your lips to make the "f" sound. Without us, it would be pretty hard to say a lot of different words. Singing "fa la la la la la la la la" at Christmas just wouldn't be the same without us!

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