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Skeletal System
Your Bones

Skeletal System
Skeletal System

Your Bones
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 2 to 4
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   3.19

     challenging words:    callus, compact, femur, framework, hinge, marrow, phosphorus, pivot, rickets, rotate, scoliosis, spinal, spongy, stirrup, therefore, spine

Other Languages
     French: Vos os
     Spanish: Tus huesos
     Italian: Le tue ossa (Grades 2 to 4)
     German: Deine Knochen (Klasse 2 bis 4)

Your Bones
By Jennifer Kenny

1     Bones are the framework of your body. You are born with 300 bones. As you grow, many join together. Therefore, doctors say adults have 206 bones. Together, all the bones in your body are called your skeleton.
2     You need your bones. You need them to sit, stand, walk, and bend over. Bones support your body. They protect your organs. Your legs and feet support your weight to stand. Your spine supports your back. It also protects your spinal cord. Your ribs protect your heart and lungs. Your skull protects your brain and your eyes.
3     There are three layers in your bones. The compact bone is the hard, white outer layer. The spongy bone is the hard layer with many holes. The bone marrow is the center layer where blood vessels run through. Red blood cells (which carry oxygen) and white blood cells (which fight illnesses) are made in the bone marrow.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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Skeletal System
             Skeletal System

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