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By Brenda B. Covert

1     If the word diamante reminds you of the word diamond, that's because this form of poetry is diamond-shaped. It's written using a pattern rather than rhyme and rhythm. It doesn't need a title, because the first line - one word - acts as the title. The seven lines are arranged following this pattern:
2     Line 1 - one word topic (line 7 will be an antonym or another related word)
3     Line 2 - 2 adjectives that describe the topic
4     Line 3 - 3 verbs describing the action of the topic
5     Line 4
- 2 words relating to the topic in line 1; 2 words relating to the topic word in line 7
6     Line 5 - 3 verbs describing the actions of the word in line 7
7     Line 6 - 2 adjectives describing the word in line 7
8     Line 7 - antonym or otherwise related word for the word in line 1
9     Need a simple way to remember the pattern? If you can remember that the pattern of words goes like this: 1,2,3,4,3,2,1, you may write the poem without counting the lines! Just remember that the "4" is really two sets of two words on the same line. The first two words address the first topic word, and the last two address the last topic word. It's an abrupt change midway through the poem!
10     Let's study an example before we start creating our own diamonds.
1 Ripe
12     2 Luscious, Crimson
13     3 Swelling, Tempting, Nourishing

Paragraphs 14 to 38:
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