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Alyssa's Giant Pumpkin
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Alyssa came through the back door waving a large envelope. "They're here, they're here!" she exclaimed running through the house.
2     Finding her mom in the living room, Alyssa stopped running and began jumping up and down with excitement.
3     "What's here?" asked Mom.
4     "My pumpkin seeds are here!" she answered excitedly.
5     "Oh, yes, I remember," said Mom. "You plan on growing a pumpkin to break the world record this year."
6     "That's right," said Alyssa proudly. "I'm going to grow the biggest pumpkin the world has ever seen!"
7     "Do you have your 4-H pamphlet to get you started?" asked Mom.
8     "It's upstairs in my room," said Alyssa. "I'll go get it. Will you help me?"
9     "Sure, bring down the pamphlet, we'll read through it together," said Mom.
10     "O.K.," said Alyssa, already on her way upstairs to her room.
11     A few minutes later she came down with the pamphlet and seeds. Together, she and her mom looked over the instructions on how to plant and grow pumpkins.
12     "It says the end of April is the best time to plant them," said Mom. "We're right on time."
13     "Can we plant them right now?" asked Alyssa.
14     "No, we'll plant them this weekend," said Mom. "Dad still has to till up the ground in your garden. He's been busy out in the other fields lately."

Paragraphs 15 to 47:
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