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Olympic Diving

Olympic Diving
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Reading Level
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     challenging words:    compute, Half-points, semi-final, semi-finals, outdo, cannonballs, coordinate, inward, difficulty, springboard, reverse, cannonball, multiplied, fans, decimal, matching

Olympic Diving
By Sharon Fabian

1     There was a diving contest at the neighborhood pool. Three boys took turns jumping off the diving board. At first, they all did cannonballs. The other kids in the pool cheered when one of the boys made a really big splash. Then they began to try every way they could think of to make as big a splash as possible.
2     The Olympics feature diving contests among its many other sports. The divers themselves have been preparing for years. They work out and practice their dives with the help of their coaches. Each diver works on making his dives look smooth, strong, and graceful. Of course, no one knows whether he will actually be going to the Olympics. First, they must all compete in Olympic trials in their own country. There, the best divers will be chosen to go on to the Olympics.
3     At the Olympics, there will be diving events for men and women. Men and women compete in separate groups in events on the 3-meter springboard and on the 10-meter platform.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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