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Sword Wizard Crunch

Netiquette and Internet Safety
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Sword Wizard Crunch
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 5 to 8
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.06

     challenging words:    chagrin, messaged, SIDEBAR, password, shortcuts, re-read, logged, riches, graphic, link, sword, armor, webpage, computer, report, record
     content words:    Sword Wizard Crunch, When Jake, Golden Haunted Woods, Haunted Woods, Sword Wizard Crunch Wishing Well, Wizard Crunch, Report Abuse

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Sword Wizard Crunch
By Grace Sylvan

1     Jake sat down at his computer. He was excited - his homework was done, and there was still time to get online and play his favorite game, "Sword Wizard Crunch." He hoped he would finally get his character to level 20. He fired up his game and the messenger program and looked for his friend, MageAlex829.
2     Jake met MageAlex829 in the game when Jake's character was just at level 10. Alex had a powerful character with great armor and weapons. He knew shortcuts and the quickest way to get experience points. Alex helped him fight off the monsters, and he gave Jake some great potions and better armor. Jake and Alex often played and chatted together. When Jake asked Alex how he'd gotten such great stuff, Alex said he was part of a special club for members level 20 and above. Alex promised that once Jake got to level 20, he could get in on the secret club, too.
3     Alex's name appeared on the messenger list.
4     "Hi! I think I might finally make level 20 today," messaged Jake.
5     "Good, let's go for it! Let's head for the Golden Haunted Woods," messaged Alex.
6     Inside the game, they found each other and headed for the Golden Haunted Woods. It was slow going; there were many monsters to kill, but they also picked up some gold and other items they could sell. Slowly Jake's points crept up. They stopped in a town along the way to sell their extra items. Then they continued.
7     "Jake, it's getting late. Remember that you have to go to school early tomorrow," Jake's mother reminded him as she walked by.
8     "Just another half hour, Mom. I'm almost at the next level."
9     Jake turned his attention fully on the game. He messaged Alex that he didn't have a lot of time left that night, so they doubled their efforts, swords swinging, arrows flying, and wands zapping. Suddenly Jake's character was surrounded with a golden light.

Paragraphs 10 to 31:
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