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The New Year's Eve Party
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Sharon finished the last of the invitations. "What a surprise this will be," she said to herself with a giggle, as she thought of Beth, Debbie, and Katrina opening the invitation. She sealed the last envelope and took them to the mailbox. The mail carrier was just pulling up to deliver the daily mail.
2     "Hello, Mr. Johnson," Sharon said in greeting.
3     "Hello, Sharon. What have you got there?"
4     "Invitations to a New Year's Eve Party," said Sharon. "I'm inviting my three best friends."
5     "That sounds like fun. Here's your mail. I'll take good care of these," Mr. Johnson said taking the letters from Sharon.
6     "Thanks, Mr. Johnson. See you later." Sharon turned to go back inside as Mr. Johnson drove away.
7     Coming in the door, Sharon called, "Mom, the mail's here. Where do you want it?"
8     Mom called from the kitchen, "Bring it in here, please."
9     Sharon went to the kitchen to deliver the mail. "Hi, Mom," she said, handing the stack to her mother. "What's for dinner?"
10     "Baked chicken," her mom answered, pausing to sort through the mail. "What have you been doing?"
11     "I just put the invitations in the mail," Sharon replied. "I'm so excited about the party!"

Paragraphs 12 to 62:
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