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By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Squanto lifted his head to take a drink of water. William Bradford helped the sick man to lie back down after taking a sip.
2     "Are you feeling up to telling me your story?" Bradford asked.
3     "Yes, I am rested now. Thank you for the water," Squanto replied, his voice weak from the fever.
4     "Then please begin," Bradford encouraged.
5     "I am from the Patuxet. My village stood here where you have settled," Squanto began. "Many years ago, I was fishing for our evening meal with my friend when we spotted a large boat in the harbor. Our sense of adventure overtook us, and we rushed back to the village to meet the strange visitors. As we arrived, the men from the ship were rowing to shore in their long boats. They greeted the chief and handed him a shining steel knife. The chief was pleased with the gift and welcomed the men to the village." Squanto paused for a moment and closed his eyes.
6     "Are you tired, my friend?" asked Bradford.
7     "This fever does exhaust me," Squanto replied. "But I will continue. While they were with us in the village, the English traded combs, jewelry, and mirrors for the furs we offered. I was intrigued with the men and followed them everywhere. When it was time to leave, the English captain invited me to come with them. I readily agreed. At first, I was uneasy with the rolling deck, but after we sailed a few days, I became used to it. After many days at sea, we arrived in England. Looking around at the strange buildings, the bustling streets of the city, and the oddly dressed women, I felt out of place and homesick. The English took me to live in an elaborate mansion owned by Sir Ferdinando Gorges. I was treated well, and I was taught the English language to help interpret on future trading trips to the New World." Squanto paused again and took a deep breath.
8     "Should I call the doctor?" asked Bradford.
9     "No, I will be fine. Let me rest just a minute," Squanto sighed, as he closed his eyes.
10     William Bradford's brow furrowed with worry. Leaning back in his chair, he waited until Squanto was ready to resume his story.
11     After a few minutes, Squanto opened his eyes, smiled weakly at his friend, and continued, "Where was I?"
12     "You had just gone to live with Sir Gorges," Bradford reminded.
13     "Oh, yes," Squanto continued, "I stayed in England for three years. Your language was very difficult. Eventually, I was able to learn it well enough that Sir Gorges sent me to America as a guide. I sailed with Captain John Smith, a fine man that I grew to admire. Captain Smith was a mapmaker and trader. As we sailed along the coast of the New World, I was able to speak to natives and interpret for the English. Captain Smith was pleased with my help. One day I discovered we were very close to my village, and I asked to go home to my people. Captain Smith bade me farewell, and I went ashore to walk home." Squanto paused momentarily, shaking his head. "I never made it. Another English ship had sent a party ashore to capture natives, and I was among those captured. This time I was taken to Spain and sold as a slave to a group of monks." Squanto stopped again and lay back on his bed.
14     "Should we stop for today?" Bradford inquired, standing to place a cool cloth on Squanto's forehead.

Paragraphs 15 to 39:
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