Sample Mindy's Hanukkah Surprise (Grades 3-5) Worksheet
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Mindy's Hanukkah Surprise
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Mindy stared out the front window of her house, "Why did we have to move, Mom?"
2     "Oh, honey, you know your dad's job brought us here. I thought you were getting used to it," Mom replied, concerned over her daughter's sadness.
3     "I like my new school, and Rachel and Debbie are great friends," Mindy paused, a tear running down her cheek.
4     Mom rose from her chair and crossed the room to sit next to her daughter.
5     "What is it then, Mindy?" she asked.
6     "Hanukkah won't be the same without Papa and Gramma," she sobbed. "Papa always tells the Hanukkah story. I can't remember a time when he didn't."
7     "I know, dear, but you can call them. Papa can tell you the story over the phone," said Mom.
8     "It won't be the same!" Mindy cried, the tears flowing freely now.
9     Her mom held her close.
10     "What's going on in here?" asked Dad, coming into the room.
11     "Mindy is upset because Papa isn't going to be here to tell the Hanukkah story," Mom replied.
12     "Is that all? Am I not good enough?" he teased.
13     Mindy ran to her dad and flung herself into his arms, "You're wonderful, Dad. I just miss Gramma and Papa so much."

Paragraphs 14 to 34:
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