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What Is Kwanzaa?
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     "What are you doing over the holiday?" Carolyn asked, as she and her friend Marita walked home from school.
2     "We're going to be busy!" said Marita excitedly. "We're going to observe Christmas and Kwanzaa. It's a celebration that lasts a whole week! Well, here's my house. I hope I see you over vacation."
3     "Me, too," said Carolyn. "Bye, Marita."
4     For the rest of the way home, Carolyn wondered about Kwanzaa. "Mom!" she called, as she came through the door to her home.
5     "Hi, honey," Mom said, coming in to the entryway to greet her. "How was school today?"
6     "It was good," said Carolyn. "What's Kwanzaa?"
7     "Kwanzaa?" Mom replied.
8     "Yes, Kwanzaa," Carolyn answered. "Marita said she and her family are celebrating Christmas and Kwanzaa this year. Do you know what Kwanzaa is?"
9     "Not really," Mom said. "I have some time before I need to start dinner. Do you want to go look on the Internet with me?"
10     "That would be great!" Carolyn cried.
11     They went into the kitchen to the computer desk. Mom sat down and typed in "Kwanzaa" and hit search. After a few seconds a long list of websites came on the screen.
12     "Wow," said Carolyn. "Look at them all!"

Paragraphs 13 to 28:
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